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 Police Reform.

Those who wield power in our communities must be held to a high standard of fairness and integrity. When citizens trust law enforcement, public safety increases for everyone. Reforming police practices ensures that citizens are treated respectfully by law enforcement and are supported in voicing concern. As Jews, we believe in the dignity innate in every person. Ensuring compassionate and transparent police practices, and justice for victims of police violence, demonstrates strong value for human life.

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Transforming Rent Court.

Rent Court was originally set up to protect tenants by enforcing health and sanitation standards in housing and assist landlords in collecting unpaid rent. But the reality is that a handful of overworked, overwhelmed judges work swiftly to move cases (as many as 1,000 per day) along, rather than hear the tenants’ concerns.

Many low-income renters cannot access a lawyer, and so most cases are heard in their landlord’s favor. This leads to nearly 7,000 evictions a year, most of them preventable, and makes it easy for landlords to avoid adhering to housing standards. Black women are overwhelmingly impacted by this broken system.

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