Budget 2017

For the first half of the new year, JUFJ focused on and organized around the FY 2018 DC budget process. We fought for the funding necessary to support homeless services and affordable housing preservation and construction, as well as the allocations needed to get Universal Paid Leave up and running ASAP.

Learn more about our priorities for FY18.

As in years past, the advocacy, organizing, and direct service communities have an uphill battle awaiting us. It is always challenging to ensure that a sufficent amount of the budget is devoted to supporting the most vulnerable, lowest-income residents in DC. But this is also an area where we've also achieved major and important progress.

This year may be especially difficult, however, because of the incoming administration's threats to cut federal funding of sanctuary cities like DC. Since the District receives almost a quarter of its overall budget from the federal government, we are very concerned about what might happen if that money disappears, and the Mayor is forced to reallocate District revenue.

So, we've teamed up with the Fair Budget Coalition, DC Fiscal Policy Institute and MANY other advocacy, organizing, and direct service organizations on a campaign to increase DC's revenues AND delay the implementation of certain tax cuts. Please join us!

Questions? Our Community Organizer, Sarah Novick, has been leading JUFJ’s efforts on this campaign, and she’s always looking for volunteers. If you're interested in being an active part of our work, email her at sarah@jufj.org to get plugged in.