Jacob Feinspan, On Faith

Jacob Feinspan, On Faith

We're so proud of Executive Director Jacob Feinspan, who spoke beautifully in the Washington Examiner! Excerpt below; full article here.

Q: How did your faith lead you to advocacy work?

Jacob: Growing up Jewish, in my family one of the most important religious holidays was Passover, where you retell the story of the Jews being slaves and then freeing themselves. And that was something that stuck with me. And in college I was studying government and sociology, and looking at why there was poverty. And I felt like there was a really unique opportunity to mobilize the Jewish community.

Most of us in the Jewish community can trace our roots to immigrants to America around the turn of the century. We're the sweatshop workers and the struggling small business owners who came to the U.S. with almost nothing, who have benefited tremendously from the freedoms America offered, and we have privileges that our grandparents never though we could have. And that gives us the ability to partner with immigrant communities now who are where we were 100 years ago.

Q: What Jewish teachings fuel your passion for social justice?

Jacob: One is the Jewish imperative to repair the world. There's a teaching that the world was created but was made so full with divine presence that it couldn't contain it all, and it broke. And it's our job to put the pieces back together. The idea that we're partners with God in creation and we need to do our part to make the world whole is an idea I find deeply moving.

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