Jacob Feinspan, The Fight Back

More Religion and Politics with Jacob Feinspan

JUFJ's Jacob Feinspan spoke about JUFJ's solidarity with union workers striking against Verizon, and the history of progressive religious activism, with journalist Pete Tucker, of The Fight Back, a blog reporting on local politics from the streets of DC:

Historically speaking, it’s not unusual for the religious community to enter into the political arena unapologetically from the left, on the side of workers, according to Feinspan. “The religious right has done a fantastic job of branding itself as being religion in politics and religion in public life, and it’s totally false.”

“If you look across this country, all of the progressive things that have happened in America over the last hundred, hundred and fifty years, from the civil rights movement to ending slavery [and] even further back [to] women’s suffrage, the religious community has been central to that fight.”


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