Passover Resources from JUFJ (2017 / 5777)

As Passover approaches, the story of liberation from Pharaoh's oppressive rule rings especially true. We welcome you to incorporate themes of justice into your seder or celebration this year.

Labor Seder 5777 Haggadah: At this year's DC Labor Seder, we got trained for action. After meeting one another and eating and singing together, we broke into teams to learn about responding to public instances of hate and harrassment; holding elected officials accountable; leveraging fiscal policy to advance racial and economic justice; and standing with immigrants and refugees. To learn more about the trainers and their organizations, to read uplifting calls to action, to sing along, and to read about "how to outmaneuver a tyrant," download the 5777/2017 Labor Seder Haggadah.

Maggid/Telling Our Story. The haggadah tells us that in every generation we must each see ourselves k’eelu hu yatzah mee-Mitzrayim – as though we ourselves were freed from Egypt. This year the story speaks for itself. Download a supplemental version of Maggid, the Passover story, that reminds us that we have faced Pharaoh before.

Social Justice Seder 5777 Haggadah: At this year's Baltimore Social Justice Seder, we delved into the complexities of policing and police accountability in Baltimore. How do different communities in Baltimore experience policing? What are the impacts of policing on people of color? How will we as a Baltimore Jewish community respond? Download the 5777/2017 Social Justice Seder to incorporate themes of police reform into your seder.

Chag Pesach sameach!

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