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JUFJ leaders pose with signs that read "Fight for $15"

When we won the Fight for $15 in Montgomery County in 2017, 100,000 people got a raise.

100,000 Marylanders can now spend more time with their families instead of working second and third jobs, because the Montgomery County Council recognized that everyone has a right to be paid enough for their labor that they can thrive in our state. Now we need to bring that same message to Annapolis.

The House of Delegates will soon vote on legislation to raise the minimum wage all across the state, and there is a committee vote on Monday at 5:00 PM on that legislation.

We need to call our Delegates before that vote and tell them: everyone in Maryland deserves at least $15 an hour.

Call your Delegates today and say:

Hi, my name is _______, and I’m your constituent and a member of Jews United for Justice. I’m calling to ask you to support HB166, a clean Fight for $15 bill. Everyone in Maryland should be paid enough to thrive in our state. Please don’t cut vulnerable workers out of this legislation.

Thanks for taking action to help hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors get a raise. Share this action alert to make sure everyone calls their Delegates before the hearing on Friday. If you can, join us at the hearing!

To help us know what kind of power we have together, click on the button below and let us know how many of your Delegates you reached!

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will jawando head shotJUFJ leaders pose with signs that read "Fight for $15"