In Baltimore, MD, Police Accountability

The below action alert comes from our partners in the Baltimore County Coalition for Police Accountability.

Police accountability advocates, including the Baltimore County Coalition for Police Accountability, want the Baltimore County Police Accountability Board (PAB) to be successful in its mission to hold law enforcement accountable. That’s why we’re opposed to the proposed nomination of Scott Richman, Esq. to the vacant District 6 PAB position.

The PAB’s role is to receive police misconduct complaints, provide policy advice to law enforcement agencies and, crucially, to help bridge the gap between police and community members and increase trust. Mr. Richman has worked as a prosecutor and defended manufacturers in product liability cases; he will not inspire trust in the community, particularly among Black and brown people, who are more likely to be the victims of police misconduct. Details about the objections of advocates have been compiled and documented in this recent Commentary in Forward Baltimore: “District 6 PAB Nomination Should be Withdrawn.”

The next District 6 member should be prepared to prioritize community safety, fairness, and racial justice. Mr. Richman’s background does not suggest that he is prepared to do this.

Write a letter to the Baltimore County Council to oppose Scott Richman’s nomination.

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