Every year JUFJers from across the state of Maryland join forces to fight for justice during the General Assembly session (January to April).

As the Jewish year begins anew at Rosh Hashanah, so does JUFJ’s Maryland legislative year. The statewide legislative kickoff is the holiday that starts the cycle, and helps us set our legislative priorities (click here to read our blog post!). After the kickoff, we will spend the end of 2022 educating our legislators about those priorities, and getting ready to fight for them in the 2023 session.

Every year JUFJers from across the state of Maryland join forces to fight for justice during the General Assembly session (January to April).

The 2023 legislative session has adjourned! Click the buttons below to learn about what we and our partners helped achieve and to get involved in our statewide work before next session.

To read our wrap up blog post on the 2022 session, click here.

To read more about our the core issues we focused on in the 2022 session, see more below.

After the legislative session ended early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JUFJ’s Maryland team shifted our efforts toward pandemic relief and ensuring a just recovery as the pandemic passes.

In May, we joined the #CancelRent campaign. Read more about that campaign at

Amid the national uprising over police violence against Black people, we redoubled our call for truly accountable policing in Maryland. Read more about that campaign at

2023 Annapolis Priority Issues

As we build on our organizing and advocacy from the past few years, JUFJ prioritizes deepening relationships with existing partners and coalitions and honoring the commitments we have made in past years. To maximize our effectiveness, we engage in a full scope of work on a limited number of campaigns, and impact other campaigns in a more limited way by submitting official JUFJ testimony and/or signing JUFJ’s name to a list of supporters. For more information about what our agenda setting process was for the Maryland 2023 state legislative session, click here.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Paid Leave: Click to download a readable PDF

Immigrant Justice

Immigrant Justice: Click to download a readable PDF

Police Reform

Police Reform: Click to download a readable PDF

Real Criminal Justice

Real Criminal Justice: Click to download a readable PDF
Time to Care

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Nobody should have to choose between their job and caring for their family.

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Maryland State
Sign: Immigrants are essential! #ImmigrantJustice - Jews United for Justice

Immigrant Rights

All people have a right to be safe and to thrive, regardless of immigration status.

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Maryland State
Signs: None of us is free until all of us are free. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForFreddie

Transforming Public Safety

Black and brown Marylanders face violence and over-policing.

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Maryland State
image of jail bars

Court and Prison Reform

Our justice system must become truly just to everyone in our state.

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Maryland State

Renters’ Rights

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All people have a right to safe, stable, affordable housing.

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Maryland State

Additional Legislative Positions

In addition to our key legislative priorities in the 2022 session, we supported other legislation related to these issues.

In addition to our four priority issues for the 2020 Maryland General Assembly, JUFJ will sign onto additional issues that reflect our values and are important to our allies at a lower intensity. Additional issues will be added to the list after being evaluated by our statewide strategy teams.

  • Defend sick leave
  • No mandatory minimum sentences
  • Reform solitary confinement
  • Fair taxes for all
  • Renters’ rights
  • Prescription drug affordability

Additional Issues

Thanks to everyone who was part of our 2019 General Assembly legislative session work! The following issues were our priority issues for the 2019 session, which ended in April. 

JUFJ 2019 Maryland Legislative Agenda

Priority Agenda
Economic Justice for Working Marylanders

We are committed to ending our state’s mistreatment of poor and working people and eliminating decades of structurally reproduced poverty.

1. Raising the Minimum Wage to $15/hour
2. Safe Housing and Fair Treatment for All Renters

Equal Justice Under the Law

We are committed to dismantling systems that reinforce discrimination and we demand equitable treatment for marginalized and working-class communities.

1. Trust and Safety for our Immigrant Neighbors
2. Limiting the Use of Solitary Confinement
3. Defending and Expanding Bail Reform
4. Reducing Mass Incarceration

Regional Issues

Baltimore City – Water

Passed a ban on selling Baltimore residents’ water debt at tax sale (this includes all residential property and houses of worship)!

Baltimore City – Police Accountability

Making the Baltimore Police Department a City agency passed the House but failed in the Senate. We do have commitments from the three senators in the City Delegation who opposed (Ferguson, Hayes, and McCray) that they will work with us in the interim to draft a bill that they can support in 2020. Unfortunately, a bill to create a private, unaccountable police force for Johns Hopkins University passed and was signed into law. Every Black faculty member and more than 70% of students opposed this bill.

Montgomery County –  Renters’ Rights

Passed a just cause eviction bill out of the Montgomery County House delegation. While it failed to pass the Environment and Transportation Committee, this is an exciting fist step to passing a significant progressive renters’ rights bill in Annapolis.

Other Issues


Same-Day Voter Registration (HB172)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Signed by Governor

This bill carries out the will of the people of the state of Maryland, who voted overwhelmingly in support of the same day voter registration ballot question in the 2018 election, which JUFJ endorsed. 

Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB516/HB1158)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Became law without Governor’s signature

The bill would mandate that the state’s electric utilities get 50 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2030.

SNAP Summer Benefits (SB218/HB338)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Became law without Governor’s signature

This bill would require the state to help cover the summer gap in federal food assistance for children who receive SNAP benefits.

Gender Neutral ID Bill (SB196/HB421)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Became law without Governor’s signature

This bill would require an “X” option for sex on driver’s licenses and other IDs. 

Public information from 9-1-1 calls (HB215/SB5)

JUFJ position: OPPOSE in original form, SUPPORT after amendment
Bill status: Signed by Governor

This bill would have damaged police transparency and accountability, but after amendment it authorized a custodian of records to grant inspection of part of 9-1-1 communications.

Safe Schools Maryland Act (SB165/HB148)

JUFJ position: OPPOSE
Bill status: Amended House version died in Senate

This bill would have set up the framework for an anonymous tip line exempt from disclosure under the Public Information Act (PIA). There is no way to know if such a tip line is being used discriminatorily or if all claims are being handled with the same amount of urgency. 


Renter Protections for Marijuana (SB862)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Died in Senate Committee

This bill would prohibit a landlord from denying a patient a lease because of their medical cannabis prescription.

Paid Leave for State Contractual Employees (HB491)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Withdrawn

This bill would provide some paid leave to all state contractors.

Public notice of police disciplinary hearings (HB1382)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Died in Senate Committee

This bill would provide advance notice and an agenda for all public police disciplinary hearings. It would make the record of the hearing and the decision of the hearing board available to the public upon request.

Formal Complaints Against Police (HB413)

JUFJ position: SUPPORT
Bill status: Withdrawn

This bill would have classified complaints of misconduct by a public employee as not personnel records. The bill was amended to only apply to police, but was then withdrawn by the bill sponsor to defer to the Judiciary chairman’s bill (HB1382). 

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