Community, Learning, and Spirituality

In addition to our issue campaigns, JUFJ hosts community events, learning opportunities, and spiritual gatherings throughout our region.

  • Our annual seders in Baltimore and DC connect the ancient story of Jewish liberation with local struggles happening on our doorsteps today (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JUFJ has not hosted annual in-person seders since 2019).
  • Each year at the Heschel Vision Awards, we honor activists who are repairing the world in big and small ways.
  • JUFJ partners with synagogues and community organizations throughout Maryland and DC to teach and learn about antisemitism and white supremacy, Jewish tradition and social justice, and issues that matter to our community.
  • Through the Jeremiah Fellowship, as well as through partnering with JOIN for Justice on their “Don’t Kvetch, Organize!” series, we train Jews in our region to be community organizers, helping them develop skills they need to make change in the world.

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