In Baltimore, MD, Fight For $15

We gathered last night with our co-host Hinenu: the Baltimore Justice Shtiebl, to celebrate Tu B’Av over desserts. In honor of the Jewish holiday that parallels Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed a  film screening of ‘Pride’ (2014), which tells the unlikely story of solidarity and friendship between a group of queer people in London and striking miners in Wales during the UK Miners’ Strike of the 1980s.

On Tu B’Av, we celebrate love in all its forms, and love is at the heart of solidarity. In that spirit, we heard from local organizers from Clean Air Baltimore and Unite Here Local 7 about how to act against injustices in Baltimore that may not affect us directly.

Plug in: Next Wednesday, August 1st, at 4pm, workers at the Marriott Waterfront (700 Aliceanna St. Baltimore, MD) will gather for their first picket line, as they decide whether or not to unionize. Let’s stand with them and show their management that we support their fight for a fair process.

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